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Our strategies enable exceptional projects with predictable and repeatable outcomes.

FT Squared Services

Bring us in as early as possible.

The sooner we’re on board, the more we can leverage our expertise to positively impact the development.


Sustainable + Responsible Outcomes:

*  Environmental Awareness

*  Community Engagement

*  Impact Assessment

Sourcing + Adoption:

*  Stakeholder Relationship Management

*  Opportunity Conversion

Scoping + Feasibility:

*  Strategic Brief

*  Goals

*  Business Drivers

Business Case:

*  Contractual Relationships + Appointments

*  Development Appraisal

*  Lease + Termination Matters

At the outset of a development – and throughout – we maintain focus on your primary goals and ensure interests are aligned to meet the business case, not the other way round.

Environmental sustainability and community engagement are at the core of our philosophy.



* Schedule Milestones

* Interface Definition

* Options Appraisal

* Contract Implementation

Planning + Consents:

* Strategic advice

* Optimisation + Process Assurance

* Development Management Agreement

Scenario Planning:

* Capacity + Benchmark Planning

* Strategic Supply Chain Solutions

* Cost/Value Modelling

* Return on Investment

Traditional contracts and structures can add cost and undermine value. We challenge existing models to find the right solution for your unique development circumstances.

Proven delivery is secured through active change management, risk mitigation, project controls and clear communication.


Performance Management:

* Periodic Stakeholder Reviews

* Progress Reporting

* Digital Transformation

Management Intervention:

* Change Control

* Mitigation Measures

* Third Party Interface Management

Forecast Analysis:

* Physical, Contractual + Commercial Review

Strategic support and commercial and contractual validation are maintained throughout the occupation and/or disposal phase.

Bespoke close out strategies are deployed to optimise operational interests and/or disposal.


Commercial Closure:

* Cost Certainty

* Progressive close out

* Settlement in real time


* Default Process

* Customer/End User Integration

Lettings + Disposals:

* Strategic Support

* Validation

We enhance best practices with distinct lessons
learned, providing premium value.

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